Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hit The Ground Running

Not before time, I think I now have a pretty good idea what a blog is. (The summer war in Lebanon helped!) The next trick was to learn how to run one, if that’s the right expression. First think of a title, so here we are, Sarmad and Linda. Share the success if it turns out successful, and share the failure if it fails. My name deliberately put up first to apportion the bigger share of the responsibility either way.

I’m grappling with photos now to check how posting them works. Like everything else it’s a process of trial and error. Linda will probably want to do the editing, as she always does with almost everything I write.

So here goes, our first posting, and hoping that we hit the ground running.


Nassif said...

That's a lovely photo of a very happy couple.

I just know this will be an interesting and informative blog that will stimulate lively debate; about Middle East politics, Brummana and whether the iPod is the best invention since sliced bread!!! Among other topics, of course...

My view is that the first one sucks and the other two rock!

Good Luck, Nassif

Frances said...

Great to see you online
If I had anything interesting to write about, I'd do the same, but look forward to the discussions and debates on yours (easy way out)
All the best

Imad Moustapha said...

Mabrouk, now we are fellow bloggers. It was good to see you in the blogosphere, I am looking forward to your postings.

All the best.

Imad Moustapha

edmond said...

Great! I hope you'll be able to fill us in on what's new in Brummana! Good luck!

-- edmond

Anonymous said...

You are off to a smashing start. That's a beautiful picture of two beautiful people.

Adel Al-Mangour said...

Dear Sarmad,

This is addressed to you since you are taking primary responsibility for this blog. Glad that Gina and I are not the only couple sharing Brummana memories. Wishing you both the very best.

Tina Balit said...

What a beautiful photo! I've have never, not ever, in my entire life quite understood what a blog is, so I could not resist but check in to yours! Bravo Sami. We send you both much love from a very cold England. Bless you.
Love Tina (Balit) and Brian xx

Toy said...

Nice one you two ... Looking forward to see and hear your news more often .....

peta pillling said...

Fabulous to see you both even if you've beeen blogged it's a good look.


Best wishes
Peta Pilling,Eugenio,Raff e Carolina