Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Back from Damascus

I just came back from a visit to Damascus. My sister Hamsa had also come over for a visit from Finland. I hadn’t been to see my family since the war in Lebanon ended, so it was great to see them again. Linda wasn’t able to accompany me this time.

In the picture. Front: Mum, Solhi, Diala. Back: Me, Maria (Diala's eldest daughter), Hamsa, Rama (Diala's youngest daughter).

I'm getting the hang of blogging, although I still have a lot to learn. We’re delighted with the response to the first posting, thank you all for the encouragement. In due course I will be writing about almost anything of interest. I know many are keen to hear news about Brummana and BHS. Many will be following our family news. I guess quite a few will want to know how my father Solhi is doing following the brain hemorrhage he had in April 2002. He’s suffering from a bout of diarrhea currently accompanied by a slight fever. It’s that time of year when the weather is changing. He’d put some weight on, but with this illness we expect him to lose some weight.

Linda’s sister Nancy is over from Dubai for a few days, moving house. She’s managed to do quite a lot. She’s traveling back to Dubai on Sunday, but her, David and Stephie will be back for Xmas. Just before Xmas, on 22nd December, Linda and I will celebrate our first wedding anniversary.

My stepdaughter Karina wants me to tell blogosphere and the world that she is now practicing calligraphy. Actually she’s quite good at it. I broke her pen, which was originally Linda’s from her school days when she used to do calligraphy. She asked me to change the nib which had been in the pen for the last 30 years. So I’ve promised her that I’d get her a new, better set. A visit to Bliss Street in Beirut should take care of that.

Last month my son Dahi broke his leg in a couple of places playing football, he also twisted his ankle. He sent me a picture of it and it looked horrible. This was a result of a late tackle. He’s now recovering at home in Port Talbot. The cast doesn’t come off for another 3 weeks.

Our cat Sir Timothy (Timmy for short) is growing up fast and is becoming a handful. He makes up for his lack of ability to meow by being extremely hyperactive. He’ll be getting his second injection tomorrow.

Linda’s just came back from the dentist, she doesn’t seem happy.

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Hamsa said...

What a coincidence! I just came back from the dentist too, Linda, the difference is that I'm happy! I'm happy it's over:-)! Good luck next time.
Wonderful photos, Sarmad. Is that Carina? She's lovely.
Send me please this photo of our family. And I can send you mine.