Monday, November 20, 2006

Brummana Pictures

I know that many of you would love to see some pictures of Brummana. Therefore I will be posting, from time to time, pictures taken from in and around the Brummana area. I'll start with a small collection that I took from the Kamel's house terrace. These were taken on 30th June 2006, during the BHS summer reunion, when Mrs. Amal Kamel, and her daughters Juhaina, Samar, Nahia and Sana graciously invited our group of BHS 70's friends over for breakfast.
Pictures of the actual gathering will be posted on the BHS70s website hopefully sometime in December 2006. I'm actually working now on resizing those and uploading onto the site.

The view towards grand Hills Hotel Resort

The view towards Grand Hills Hotel Resort zoomed in

The view towards Grand Hill Hotel Resort Zoomed in further

Rizk Plaza.

This place was bombed April 2005, in the period when bombs were going off on a regular basis.

Old House... We think Marie Hanna used to live there in the 70's. Can anyone confirm this?

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Anonymous said...

Oh I love seeing the views of Brummana! Thank you so much for posting these and I look forward to more of the "tour."