Friday, November 17, 2006

A Very Special Day

As promised, here is a sample of pictures taken of our wedding.

Did you know that we were childhood sweethearts?
And here we are again, 30 years on!
Linda in her chosen theme colours Burgandy and Champagne
Linda and Bridemaid Kina
Kina, David and Linda

Diala, Sarmad and Randa

Khalil, Linda, Sarmad and Dahi

Best Man Toy, Kina, Linda, Sarmad & Dahi
Diala, Linda, Sarmad & Naimy
Ibrahim, Linda, Sarmad and Randa

Naimy, Linda & Nancy

Sarmad, Linda, Peter & Jason
Family picture
Family & Friends

The ceremony at the British Embassy
Exchanging vows
Then time for champagne
Simon, Nancy, Lori and Naimy

Hind and Sarmad
H.E. The British Embassador (Mr. James Watt), Lara Bou Habib, The British Consul (Mrs. Karen Kavanagh),
Sarmad and Linda
Sarmad & Linda

The wedding cake


DebiCates2 said...

What a beautiful set of pictures! Thank you for posting them here.

Of course I especially love the remake of the 70s pose. How incredibly sweet.

Toy said...

A Special Day for a special couple ... It was amazing !!....