Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Eve.

It’s the festive season. Christmas Eve started in the traditional manner with carol singing at Ibrahim and Randa’s place.

Ibrahim and Sarmad in fine voice!

Then on to Linda’s Mom’s for Christmas dinner. The food was great, fondue night as usual. The meat and the chocolate fondues were delicious, however, the cheese fondue was a flop! Linda and I blamed it on the mixture of cheeses that was recommended by our delicatessen.

Linda jumping for joy... Sarmad holds his head in embarrassment!

Kina and Paul place Jesus in the manger at midnight.

Stephie and mom Nancy

Jason, Stephie and Peter get ready to open their presents.

Everyone managed to open lots of presents, specially the young ones.

No. 1 opened!

Peter overjoyed with this lot!
The older ones turn now
Paul capturing the moment
Lori and Simon finding out what they each got!

Mike receiving one of his presents

Linda's happy with what she's got!

Kina with her unexpected surprise - The calligraphy set.


Zan Barrage said...

OK Sarmad. First Happy New Year and I can tell you have had a wonderful X-mas. Now for my real question: Please tell me that Paul is your son. It has been over 38 years, but that is exactly how I remember you.

fawzan barrage

Sarmad said...

Hi Zan,

Thank you for your comment. Actually Paul is David and Nancy Aswad's son. (They are also BHS old scholars.) Nancy is Linda's sister, so we are related!

I've had a glance at your blog and the first thing that strikes me is how good your colourings are. In time I'll look into it in more detail.



Debi Cates said...

I thought I had posted a comment about this before now, but I see I haven't. Better late than never...

The picture of Kina (Orange Blossom to me), getting a calligraphy set for Christmas plucked my heart strings. I remember when her mom was quite the calligrapher at school. I'm sure Kina will be as talented.