Monday, December 04, 2006

Up and Running

Now that Linda has gotten over the end of Google Answers, she is looking towards the future. With a view of starting her own research venture, she’s joined some of the other GA researchers in a blog called Web Owls. She’s also working on creating her own blog which will be called Rainbow Searches. Over the next few days she’ll be working on establishing some of the necessary tools she will require for that project. She’s grateful to Debi for helping her out with some of the web-based features. It also seems that my blogging experience has come in handy!

The following is her newly created profile:

Rainbow-GA - Moving on

“I was a Researcher with Google Answers from its inception in May 2002 until the service was discontinued by Google in December 2006. My researcher name is rainbow-ga, I've answered approximately 1300 questions. My ratings, customer comments and samples of my work are available for viewing here.

I have worked on a wide variety of topics, ranging from
find that movie/book/song to compiling lists of companies operating in Poland that are at least 51% owned by foreign investors.

An American based in the Middle East, I have a full command of both English and Arabic, and modest knowledge of French.

I am readily available for private research projects. If you would like research to be carried out, please contact me at or leave a message here and I will get back to you.”

So watch this space. I'll keep you updated on her news.

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