Monday, May 21, 2007

BHS Memories from the 70s - Part 2

Here's another series of pictures from Frances Hudson.

L to R: Simon Green, Leila Obeid (nee Sawaya), Yahia Hamididdine, 2 unknows under the bell.

Lots of people in the picture on the left and middle. Do you recognize anyone? Picture in the right Helen Drake and Issam Al-Shami.

Don't recognize the little boy on the left. Principal Barty Knight in the middle. Picture on the right clockwise: Nawal Ammar, Zahra Mattar, Kathleen Mackenzie and Julie Drake, this time with eyes open!

On the left Mr. John Banks class again. Anyone recognize the people to the right of Sami Mina?
On the right Mr. Salam Saidi, Rizkallah Housemaster and Maths teacher, (and a well respected one at that)

Anyone recognize anyone above? In the picture on the right, the blond girl 3rd from the end in the front row is Samantha Pilling. The blond boy at the end of the 2nd row is Lawrence Little.

Apparantly in Frances' days one of the cooks wife used to bake mar2ou2 bread on saj. I don't remember this in my days a few years later.

Various pictures of campus during the early seventies:

The swimming competition again. I still don't have any information about the occasion.

I think I see Faris Azzawi in the picture on the right. Can anyone confirm this?

In the 5-picture series below, the first production of The Gondoliers. You will see the following people:

In the first picture on the left - Front: Mounir Rizkalllah, Maha Sawaya (maybe), Joanna Perry, John Kirkbright, unknown, Grace (or Mary) Khater, Rima Baz, Nayla Abu Fadel (maybe.)
Back row: Unknown, Sami Saad, unknown, Sandie Lea (behind the unknown dancer), Safwan Afifi (in the red jacket).
In the middle picture, Susan Sandy. Issam Al Askari adjusting his bandana.
Picture on the right: Barty Knight and Pat Hudson. Not sure who the lady sitting down is.

In the picture on the left: Susan Hall, Barty Knight, Pat Hudson, and Nabil Ghandour in the back.
In the picture on the right: Barty Knight, Roland Hall, Pat Hudson and Susan Hall.
In the 6-picture series below, the 2nd production of The Gondoliers:

In those pictures I see the following (amongst others whose names escape me. Please let me know if you recognize any of the ones I haven't mentioned):

Sinan Urfali, Raya Al Shawi, Mrs. Angela Coleridge, Sarmad Al-Wadi, Thamer Arab, Rima Dabit (God rest her soul), Hiam Nasser, Safwan Afifi, Abdul Karim Al-Shami, Sammy Nagem, Maha Massis, Habiba Noman, Tina Balit, Sofia or Naseem Quraishi, Leila Tamimi, Erica Knight, Randa Siksek, Hussein Goma'a, Mr. Souren Tapolian, Sima Abboushi, Tewfik Al-Far, Randa Sawan, Imad Al-Naqib.


On the piano some of you who were involved in the opears will remember Mrs. Gosling.
In the picture in the middle you'll recognize Mado Janjanian. Omran Mostafa in the background and Mrs. Audrey Knight conducting. In the picture on the right: Richard Hudson, Cookie (I think) and Mrs. Pat Hudson

Anyone recognize the players on the basketball court and the football pitch?

Below are scenes from some of the Adventure Club outings.

Don't recognize the two walking. Those seated I can only recognize Richard Hudson.

Saad Saad, Sheila Booth and Clare Taylor

In the picture on the left above it looks like a group of adventurers either preparing to leave or returning from an expedition. On the right Sarmad and Hayan and others practicing a rescue mission.

In the pictures above I recognize Naysan Hakimi, Andrew Webster, Mazen (don't remember his last name), Hayan Al Shawi.

The pictures above are spectacular. Many of you who went on those Adventure Club expeditions or joined the Duke of Edinburgh Programs will remember the campfires, the cliff face climbs, the river crossing on ropes, the treks, the river scrambling, the thrills, the activities, the experience and the breathtaking scenery. I'm certain all who joined in those activities will be forever grateful to Peter and Angela Coleridge for giving for us these remarkable memories.


Frances said...

So pleased to see the quality is so good in thumbnails. Lovely effect having them all together like that.
Thanks Sarmad.

Debi Cates said...

The first picture is of Simon Green. And it is Isssam Al Shami with Helen.

Frances said...

You know I think I can see Mrs Rene Baz sitting in the shade near the lady making bread.
also I noticed Sam Pilling and Tony Kanaan I am sure - in the primary school line up

Sarmad said...

Yes, I think you're right regarding Mrs. Renee Baz. It would make sense since she was resposible for the catering in those days.

No idea about Tony and Sam, however, I will point it out to them and see what reaction we get. At least it would confirm that one of the pictures is class on '85.