Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sad Tale of an Injured Beamer

At around 10:45 in the evening of Sunday 27th May Linda left home to pick Kina up from her friend Alia’s house in Mrah Ghanem. Just as she got by Issam Faris’ house in Mar Shaya going downhill round a right-hand bend she was met head on by a Suzuki driving up, overtaking a bus on the bend. With no room to manoeuvre, and no time to react, the two cars met in a head-to-head collision.

Luckily Linda was driving at a normal pace going downhill round bends. She suffered a slightly bruised leg which she banged against the steering wheel, slight whiplash when she hit the back of her head against the headrest, and sore arms as she held hard to the steering wheel at the moment of impact. The other guy, who was a young youth, injured his leg.

The car was badly damaged, but repairable.

Anyone wondering where the pictures were taken, that's in Roumieh.

The location where the accident took place!


Bobbie said...

Bless you, Linda. I am so glad you are safe and sound (almost)!

Linda said...

Bobbie, thank you very much for your thoughts. I'm fine, just a little sore. But look at that car! :-(

WireBodyArt said...

Hi Linda & Samrad!
My name was Julianna Herness(BHS 66-69). WOW! YOU ARE LUCKY LINDA!You must have been wearing your seat belt! Thank the Heavens above, you're alive & fine!

Are you two from BHS's 66-69 era? Now I am truly homesick, but thank you for posting the video.

"Summer Drive Through Broumana"!

If you are in the 1966-1969 BHS era, then Romano Scavo is on Facebook! I posted on Facebook my BHS Autographs & Photos, Circa 1966-1969. Thanks! Juli ;)

Check 'em out on Facebook & any corrections/comments are welcome!